Simple Nerdy Food Recipes

I am a IT Nerd and love to Cook! I decided to take my NERDY passion for website design, marketing and cooking to a whole new level. Check out my simple food recipes and let me know what you think!

My Recipes are Simple – No scrolling endlessly to find the recipe, I made them short, sweet, straight to the point, no popup ads and printable food recipes, if that is your thing.


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How To Make Teriyaki Sauce Recipe From Scratch

Simple 3 Ingredient Teriyaki Sauce Recipe Never buy store bought Teriyaki Sauce again. This...

How To Make Crab Fries Like Chickie & Pete’s Cheese Sauce

Crab Fries are a HUGE Deal Here in Philly. In fact Chickie & Pete's is known for their...

How To Make Stuffed Pepper Soup in 60 Minutes

Learn How Easy It Is To Make Fantastic Flavorful Pepper Soup Quickly I am a big fan of Stuffed...

How To Make Authentic Italian Bruschetta

Learn How Easy It Is To Make This Italian Bruschetta Traditionally Italian Bruschetta is made...

What’s The Best Way To Cook Meatballs?

Let's Settle The Age Old Debate About Cooking Meatballs Growing up I have had plenty of meatballs...

My Food Recipes Come From Years of Playing With Flavors.

 I Try To Mix It Up In The Kitchen with Fresh New Recipes Cause I Tend to Get Bored Easily.

There is one thing that I love to do is cook! My food recipes come from experimenting in the kitchen, playing with nerdy kitchen gadgets and watching too much Food Network & YouTube shows about cooking. In fact, I get “do we have to watch cooking again” from the family all the time.

How To Clean Your Cutting Board

More Of My Nerdy Recipes – Cause You Know I Just Want You To Cook Them All!

What’s The Best Way To Cook Meatballs?

What’s The Best Way To Cook Meatballs?

Let's Settle The Age Old Debate About Cooking Meatballs Growing up I have had plenty of meatballs over the years. When you eat a good meatball you remember it. There are many ways to cook meatballs and I wanted to put a few of these popular methods to the test. Now I...

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Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner - Let's Eat!

Mealtime is our favorite part of each day. Let me show you how easy it is to look forward to getting your hands in the kitchen and creating amazing meals!

From The Grill To The Kitchen

Follow the flavor indoors and outside. I love to cook over fire on my grill, in my BBQ smoker whenever the weather allows it.

Nerdy Kitchen Hacks & Gadgets

I love gadgets and kitchen hacks to save time in the kitchen.  I am a huge believer in having the right tools will make you a better chef.

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Why You Need a Great Cutting Board

Whether you are a seasoned culinary expert or just getting started on your cooking journey, my...

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